The Roots of Naviya

Naviya London started a year ago when my sisters and I, of Turkish heritage, embarked on a trip to Istanbul. All three of us have always had a passion for statement jewels and how important jewellery has been throughout Turkish history. We decided to pursue our dream of designing and co creating easy to wear Ottoman influenced jewellery which would be more affordable to the public.

Firstly, we visited Topkapi Palace for inspiration and gazed on at the precious Ottoman jewels and treasures in amazement. We realised that these statement jewels could be transformed into stylish key pieces today to brighten up any outfit for any occassion. After staring for hours in admiration, we decided to go to the Grand Bazaar for further influence of our upcoming designs. It was not just the jewellery in the Grand Bazaar that inspired us three, but the smell of the spices, the colourful lampshades and the Turkish people talking animatedly to one another creating a buzzing atmosphere which none of us have felt in any other city.






The final stops for our jewellery inspiration was the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sofia, with their lavishly decorated interiors full of gold plating. This was the final detail we had been looking for to inspire our collection and in Naviya London being created.


blue mosque




After months of discussing the types of jewellery we wanted to source, we decided that we wanted everything to be gold plated in order to represent the Blue Mosque interior and the Ottoman fashions seen in Topkapi Palace but the bright, colourful and eye catching semi-precious and precious gemstones to represent the smell of spices and the buzzing atmosphere of Istanbul. Now the story of Naviya London really begins….


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