Here at Naviya London, one of our favourite precious stones is definitely Amethyst which is crystalline quartz that comes in a variety of different shades of purple, mauve and lilac. The tradition around amethyst is that it guards against drunkenness and helps keep a sober mind, which could be very useful over this party season. In ancient times, the Egyptians used Amethyst as a protection stone against feeling guilty and fearful. They used to wear it themselves as protection from witchcraft, self-deception and as a meditation aid worn as a necklace. Nowadays, I like most people use this stone for other benefits such as treating insomnia, leaving an amethyst under my pillow allows me to sleep better and have peaceful dreams. For those that suffer from headaches, it is believed that if you rub it across your forehead it can help soothe your head from minor headaches and migraines. Amethyst, throughout history has been seen as a healing stone as it is believed to have the power of focus and is often used in healing blood and breathing problems. Amethyst can also be used in the home, if left by a window to get sun exposure, it is believed to heal negative energy. It is also important in meditation, believed to increase positive spiritual feelings and helps to overcome fears and cravings. This is a great stone to help you have a positive mentality and outlook for the New Year ahead and ward off any negative energy – the perfect gemstone for a fresh start! So overall, Amethyst as well as being a beautiful stone, has a whole load of benefits too and here are some of our personal favourites from the Naviya London collection.




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